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*Cancelled* The Green Corn Festival (DV19-27)

  • March 20, 2020
  • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • William Reif Gallery or Anjali Pavilion
  • 25


Friday, March 20

6:00–8:30 pm

Facilitator:  Kim McIver

"The Green Corn Festival" is a Native American ceremony that celebrates the Spring Equinox, a time of renewal and rebirth. It's a time for forgiving others and oneself for past hurts. There will be face painting and dancing, as well as feasting. The face painting is to show your hurts to the world. There is a special circle washing where you pass a bowl of water and wash off that paint. This stands for the renewal of our faith in ourselves and the washing away of pain and hurts you might be hanging onto. There's a special "Thanksgivings" prayer. This is also a time of the Native Naming Ceremony where everyone would get a Native name.

Please bring something to contribute to the meal.

Register by: 3/18


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