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"Between the Rows" by Ray Paul

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Life seldom turns out the way we design it. We can plan wisely and sow with skill, but how we handle what comes up between the rows defines our character and ultimately our lives. In Ray Paul's sequel novel, Between the Rows, his protagonist, George Koner. Item Weight : 13.4 ounces UNSPSC-Code : 55101500 Paperback : 256 pages ISBN-10 : 1425976263 Dimensions : 6 x 0.58 x 9 inches ISBN-13 : 978-1425976262 Publisher : AuthorHouse (January 8, 2007) Language: : English Author's Bio: Ray Paul is the poster child for those who have succeeded in a writing career at a time when his contemporaries are looking forward to retirement. While continuing to add on to his 45 year career in insurance marketing, Ray wrote a number of well-received short stories of which twenty-three have been published in a variety of magazines and publications. These efforts enhanced his skills and gave him the confidence to write a novel. In the 8 years that followed he wrote a trilogy of novels set in the Midwest. His keen insight into the human condition honed by years of interacting with a variety of interesting people in stressful situations make Cabbage Requiem, Between the Rows and A New Season a must read for mature adults. Ray has two other published books. Shards, is a collection of his best short stories. Since becoming available in 2012, his novel, Heaven Lies Between the Foul Lines, brings into play a young man's misadventures with love, business and the pursuit of a major league pitching career. Heaven has already captured the hearts of a wide variety of readers. Ray lives in Rockford, Illinois with his wife Jo Marie. He has two living daughters, his youngest, Lynn, died at age four from spinal meningitis, and five grandchildren. He likes playing golf and bridge, with his wife, and still comes into work everyday at his Mass Mutual office in Rockford.

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