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Fall Your Guide


Foam Rolling Relief
Nov. 3, 10:30–11:30a

Painting Wildlife
Begins Nov. 3, 1:00p

Art Uncorked:
Painted Metal

Begins Nov. 3, 1:00p

Art Film & Discussion:
Tim's Vermeer

Nov. 4, 6:30–8:30p

Whimsical Handbuilt Creations
Begins Nov. 5, 9:30a

Lunch & Learn:
History of Tarot

Nov. 5, Noon–1:00p

Restorative &
Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Nov. 6, 9:30 & 5:30p

Therapeutic Yoga
Nov. 7, 10:00–11:00p

Nature as Symbol

Begins Nov. 6, 1:00p

Animal Archetypes

Begins Nov. 6, 6:00p

Retreat: Day of
Silence & Mindfulness

Nov. 9, 11:00a–5:00p

Holiday Art & Craft Sale
Begins Nov. 14–22, 5:30p


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Tap into the Wisdom of Your Dreams |
5 Things to Give Up to be Happy


Tap into the Wisdom of Your Dreams
Every night our dreams come to us with messages about what is going on in our waking lives. Often they bring up unresolved emotional content that is ready to be released. Through the synergistic combination of Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping, and Projective DreamWork we can clear the emotions and connect with the deeper meaning of the dream.

This workshop is for people who are curious about their dreams and open to a new, powerful approach to dreamwork. No previous work with dreams of Tapping is necessary. Come join our dream circle and let your dreams amaze you!

Jean Kathryn Carlson, MA, is a dream worker, an EFT Practitioner, and co-author of Catch Your Star and On the Wings of Faith. Since 1980 Jean has tuned into her dreams and has experienced first hand the power of dreams to change lives. She received her certification through the Marin Institute of Projective DreamWork in 2011. She brings her intuitive skills to the dream landscape and helps fellow dreamers connect the dots between the meaning of the symbols in their dreams and their waking life reality. Her unique alchemical blend of dreamwork and tapping sets the stage for a powerful and transformational experience. Jean Kathryn is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, certified DreamGroup Facilitator through the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work, and an EFT Practitioner.

Course #: WK14-9
Date: October 22
Time: Wednesday, 6:30–8:30p
Instructor: Jean Kathryn Carlson, MA
Location: William Reif Gallery
Regular Fee: $25
Members' Fee: $20
Register by October 20. Registration Policy

Memb.# (required for discount)
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5 Things to Give Up to be Happy
We think we need to have more, do more, or seek more approval to make happiness a reality. However, when we shed the skin of the old ways and adopt new ways of being, we find happiness to be our natural state of existence. Simple steps that bring clarity to mind will help motivate you to shift your thinking and realize a new way to decide, choose and experience your life in joy. When you hold on to your history, you do it at the expense of your destiny.

Pat’s spiritual healing journey with a brush with cancer in 2003 has led her to pursue wholeness. As a Personal Growth Consultant, she is certified in Breath Therapy and has diverse, holistic training in herbal medicine, essential oils therapies and body-mind emotional release energy therapies.

Course #: WK14-8
Date: December 11
Time: Thursday, 1:00–2:30p
Instructor: Patricia Halverson
Location: William Reif Gallery
Regular Fee: $20
Members' Fee: $15
Register by December 9. Registration Policy

Memb.# (required for discount)
Participant's Name & Phone


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