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NEW! Summer
Your Guide


"Ethereal" Exhibit
June 10–July 17

Acrylic Painting
Begins July 6, 9:00a

Beginning Wheel Thrown Pottery
Begins July 6, 1:00p

Hatha Vinyasa/ Restorative Yoga
Junly 7, 9:30–10:45a

Tap into the Wisdom
of Your Body

July 7, 6:30–8:30p

Therapeutic Yoga
July 8, 10:00–11:00a

Dive into Your Dreams
July 9, 9:30a–4:00p

Build a Fairy House
in the Forest

July 9, 9:00a–Noon

Magical Fairy Lantern
July 9, 1:00–3:00p

Fairy Festival
July 16, 1:00–4:00p


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Womanspace Rockford

Open Up a World of Possibilities | Tap into the Wisdom of Your Body |
Dive Into Your Dreams | Dream Circle | Meditation


Open Up a World of Possibilities:
On the Page and in Our Lives

Our writing can affect our world in endless ways. It can weave beauty in and around our lives. The stories we tell have the ability not only to show our perception and experience of the world, but to change our vision and understanding of it. By creating new possibilities on paper, we open our minds/hearts/souls to the many new treasures and opportunities that lie within us. No experience in writing is necessary but seasoned writers are welcome.

Debby Gaines, a licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer, fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a writer. She earned an MFA in Writing & Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies, moved back to the cornfields she grew up with, and continued her career in funeral service. Her passion in caring for the dead, her observant eye on the living, and her spiritual connection to corn influences her writing. She is currently working on a multi-genre memoir, using her own life as a microcosm to create a layered look at society’s fascination with and avoidance of death.

Course #: WRT15-4
Date: June 29, July 6, 13, 20, 27, August 3
Time: Wednesdays, 6:00–8:00p
Facilitator: Debby Gaines, MFA
Location: Media Room
This class is in session.
Members' Fee: $75
Registration Policy


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Jean Kathryn Carlson is a Dream Alchemy Coach, speaker and co-author of Catch Your Star and On the Wings of Faith. Her unique ability to navigate the land of dreams and intuitive use of tapping sets the stage for a powerful and transformational experience. Jean Kathryn is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, certified DreamGroup Facilitator through the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work, and an EFT Practitioner.


Tap Into the Wisdom of Your Body
You have the power to experience relief from anxiety, stress and even physical pain right in your fingertips. Energy Field Tapping (EFT) is based on ancient understanding of energy meridians that run through your body. When you tap a number of those meridians, you are able to smooth out the kinks in your energy system and experience greater relaxation and peace. Sound too good to be true? Come and see for yourself. This is an introduction into the amazingly simple and effective world of tapping. No previous experience necessary. You will leave the evening with enough information to empower you to continue tapping in the comfort of your own home.

Course #: WK15-17
Dates: July 7
Time: Thursday, 6:30–8:30p
Facilitator: Jean Kathryn Carlson
Location: William Reif Gallery
Regular Fee: $20
Members' Fee: $15
Register by July 5. Registration Policy

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Dive Into Your Dreams Workshop
Dreams are loaded with creative potential. Give yourself a day to dive into your nighttime dreams and learn to decode the messages meant just for you. Through sharing dreams and insights in a sacred dream circle, exploring dreams through creative writing and even doodling, you will uncover the messages your dreams have come to share. This is a day filled with fun and joyful transformation. No previous dream work experience necessary. Come with your hardest question and a dream, and glean insights through the power of the dream circle. Bring a sack lunch.

Course #: WK15-18
Dates: July 9
Time: Saturday, 9:30a–4:00p
Facilitator: Jean Kathryn Carlson
Location: William Reif Gallery
Regular Fee: $75
Members' Fee: $60
Register by July 7. Registration Policy

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Dream Circle
Join us and enter the land of nocturnal dreams where the magic mirror never lies. In these circles you will experience a unique blend of projective DreamPlay, EFT or Tapping, all served up with a drop or two of essential oils. You are invited to take this opportunity to develop a relationship with your dreams and become familiar with the language they speak. Accessing the wisdom of the invisible realm can light your way to greater peace and pleasure in all areas of life. Everyone welcome.

Course #: WK15-19
Dates: July 12
Time: Tuesday, 6:30–8:30p
Facilitator: Jean Kathryn Carlson
Location: William Reif Gallery
Regular Fee: $20
Members' Fee: $15
Register by July 11. Registration Policy

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Beginning/Re-Engaging Meditation
Meditation is the practice and process of paying attention and focusing your awareness. This class is for the person wanting to learn this process or re-engage after slipping out of regular practice. Whether you are seeking greater focus to get your job done more efficiently, less stress and more peace of mind, or a deeper appreciation of the beauty and richness of life, the simple practice of sitting down and turning your attention inward can do wonders! Bring a yoga mat or rug if you would like to meditate lying down. You can also choose to meditate in a sitting position on the floor or in a chair.

Dr. Shiraz Tata came to the USA from India to get a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from SIU-C and then just kept moving up the state of Illinois to Rockford where she has lived for the past 20 years! She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice where she creates a safe space for people to share whatever may be weighing on their minds or hearts. She loves to facilitate discussions on diversity and all topics multicultural. She also enjoys teaching mindfulness and meditation classes.

Summer Session 3
Course #: MD15-4
Date: August 23
Time: Tuesdays, 9:00–10:00a
Facilitator: Dr. Shiraz Tata
Location: Media Room
Regular Fee: $15
Members' Fee: $10
Register by August 22. Registration Policy

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Participant's Name & Phone


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