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Holistic Decluttering | Living With Joy |
Miss Representation Film & Discussion


Holistic Decluttering, Affluenza & Glitzy
Are you wondering what these three titles have in common? Michele will talk about the consumption epidemic and sustainable alternatives that are healthier for you and our planet. Linda will talk about what to do with all of the clutter that has found its way into our life when we were busy doing something else. Delores, the Glitzy Queen, will let us know what we can do with all the clutter that Linda has discussed (and just in time for the approaching Glitzy Garage Sale!). Be sure to register early for this one, because it may be standing room only!

Michele Lind is an Investment Analyst at Alpine Trust & Investment Group. She manages portfolios, monitors the markets and is a member of the Investment Strategy Committee. She also serves on the Finance Committee for Womanspace.

Linda Wellens is a Registered Nurse, a certified Laughter Yoga Leader, and founder of Declutter & Discover Organizing Service. She enjoys helping people let go of the old, to discover self, beauty and order whether it’s through laughter or decluttering!

Delores Burkholder and her husband Bob have been chairing the Glitzy Garage Sale for the last five years and will provide suggestions for anyone wanting to part with all that clutter!

Course #: WK13-21
Date: April 16
Time: Wednesday, 6:30–8:00p
Instructor: Michele Lind, Linda Wellens & Delores Burkholder
Location: William Reif Gallery
Regular Fee: $10
Members' Fee: $5
Register by April 14 Registration Policy

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Living With Joy
Learning to live a more joyful, fulfilling life can seem unreachable using old patterns of thinking and feeling. If you want to feel more alive, self-assured, positive and energetic, this workshop offers highlights to improve that. It also provides insights as to what may be blocking you from a happier day-to-day experience. You might imagine how your day could be as you bring to it some quality Daily Joy practices using tips, exercises and affirmations.

Patricia Halverson is a holistic health consultant and founder of The Center for Living Whole, as well as the School of Sacred Wisdom. She trained in herbal medicine at the Wildwood Herbal Institute and the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE). She is certified in Breath Therapy and provides many workshops and classes for those seeking natural, healthy ways to heal their body, mind and spirit.

Course #: WK13-22
Date: April 22
Time: Tuesday, 1:30–4:00p
Instructor: Patricia Halverson
Location: Media Room
Regular Fee: $35
Members' Fee: $25
Register by April 20 Registration Policy

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Film & Discussion: Miss Representation
A must see for women & men! This movie provides an excellent overview of how women in the United States are portrayed in the media and the impact this has on society. There are a number of scenarios presented about women’s lives — the challenges and struggles they have had to deal with as well as the many challenges that young girls face every day. Join an impressive array of personalities, activists, politicos and entertainment figures who share many diverse viewpoints, all striving for that same elusive result of enlightenment. This film is great for women, men and teens and will have a definite impact on how you view the media in the future. Dinner will be provided!

Judy Pickle is a retired education professor from NIU. She taught curriculum, gender sensitivity, early childhood, language arts, & ethics. Nancy Miller is a retired teacher who spends many hours volunteering at Womanspace. Nan and Judy are becoming well known for the movies they uncover and the insights and discussion that follows.

Course #: WK13-20
Date: April 23
Time: Wednesday, 6:00–8:30p
Instructor: Judy Pickle & Nancy Graham Miller
Location: Media Room
Regular Fee: $15
Members' Fee: $10
Register by April 21 Registration Policy

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