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Summer Your Guide


"2 x 2"
Opening Reception

August 7, 5:30–7:00p

Foam Rolling &
Core Strengthening

Aug. 3, 10:30–11:30a

Fashion Design Camp
Begins Aug. 3, 9:00a

Rust Dyeing
Aug. 4, 1:00–3:00p

Lunch & Learn:
Hug a Dog

Aug. 5, Noon–1:00p

Hatha Vinyasa/ Restorative Yoga
August 6, 9:30–10:45a

Therapeutic Yoga
August 7, 10:00–11:00a

Date Night in Mud
Begins Aug. 7, 6:00p

Celebrate the Light
Aug. 7–9


Calendar of Events


Rockford Womanspace


Lunch and Learn

A mid-day opportunity for you to take a little “time-out” for food and conversation. Bring a sack lunch; Womanspace will supply beverages and the speaker. Lunch & Learn programs are sponsored by:

Slaga Law Slaga Law


Hug a Dog: Holistic Approach to Well-being |
Hiking the Appalachian Trail


Hug a Dog & Take a Deep Breath —
A Holistic Approach to Well-Being

Discover the history of the human/canine bond and the development of early therapy dog visits. Participants will learn the difference between service dogs, working dogs, assistance dogs, comfort dogs and therapy dogs. Find out how the presence of a dog in a medical setting can help patients, guests and staff. Therapy dogs will be in attendance and introduced to the audience. Attendees will have a chance to ask questions and interact with the real stars of the show – the dogs.

Deb Schwarze is the Caring Canines Coordinator and Art Therapist at Swedish American Hospital. She holds master’s degrees in art therapy and counseling and has trained a therapy dog of her own. Deb started the therapy dog program at Swedes in 2010. By the time they celebrate their 5th Anniversary in September, Caring Canine teams will have made over 40,000 contacts with guests, patients and staff members.

Course #: LL14-14
Date: August 5
Time: Wednesday, Noon-1:00p
Presenter: Deb Schwarze
Location: William Reif Gallery
Regular Fee: $15
Members' Fee: $10
Register by August 3. Registration Policy

Memb.# (required for discount)
Participant's Name & Phone


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A Walk of Life: Hiking the Appalachian Trail
Kathryn Brown completed hiking 2200 miles of the Appalachian Trail in August of 2014. She will share with us the AT’s history, her experience of nature at its most powerful, and a picture of the fascinating people who take this journey. Her photos and stories go beyond hiking, and describe the profound personal moments of the trail. Kathryn believes that the lessons of the trail provide a guidebook for our own personal journey through the steep parts of life.

Dr. Kathryn Brown has been a clinical psychologist in the Rockford area for over 30 years. She hiked the Inca Trail in her 50s and decided to backpack both the Colorado Trail and the Appalachian Trail for her 60s. She and her husband David live on an organic farm where she is a beekeeper. They have had many foster dogs, travel together, and take cross country motorcycle trips. Kathryn states: “I believe in the gift of life, the goodness of people, the power of prayer, and beauty of our sacred earth.”

Course #: LL14-15
Date: August 19
Time: Wednesday, Noon-1:00p
Presenter: Dr. Kathryn Brown, EdD.
Location: William Reif Gallery
Regular Fee: $15
Members' Fee: $10
Register by August 17. Registration Policy

Memb.# (required for discount)
Participant's Name & Phone


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