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NEW! Winter
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Holiday Art & Craft Sale
Now thru Dec. 5

Stretching & Strengthening
Nov. 30, 10:30–11:30a

Supper & Film:
5 Flights Up

Nov. 30, 6:00–9:00p

Hatha Vinyasa/ Restorative Yoga
Dec. 3, 9:30–10:45a

Therapeutic Yoga
Dec. 4, 10:00–11:00a

Yoga Nidra
Dec. 5, 10:00–11:30a

Take a Dip Into Watercolor
Dec. 5, 10:00–1:00p

Mindfulness Group
Dec. 7, Noon–1:30p

Art Uncorked: Tote Bag
Dec. 8, 6:00–8:00p

Dec. 9, Noon–1:15p

Lunch & Film:
Love Actually

Dec. 16, Noon–2:00p

Candlelight Winter Solstice Celebration
Dec. 17, 5:30–7:00p


Calendar of Events



Rockford Womanspace

A mid-day opportunity for you to take a little “time-out” for food and conversation. Bring a sack lunch; Womanspace will supply beverages and the speaker. Lunch & Learn programs are sponsored by:

Slaga Law Sandra Slaga Slaga Law Slaga Law


Birdwatching at the Wetlands | Genealogy 101 | Myofascial Release |
Feminine Face of God | Bracelets for Birds | DIY Pest Control


Birdwatching at the Wetlands
Enjoy a beautiful slide presentation of birds that live at and visit Nygren Wetland Preserve, privately owned by Natural Land Institute, in Rockton, Illinois. Not your typical backyard birds, you will see photographs of the largest birds in North America to the smallest. Learn how to identify them along with key facts about each one. Bird watching at the Wetland is a favorite activity of visitors to this wildlife sanctuary. Find out how you can visit the preserve and enjoy the beauty and peace that is there all year long.

Kimberly Wheeler Johnsen is Director of Marketing & Membership at Natural Land Institute and a Master Naturalist Intern (University of Illinois Extension). Kim is married with no children and loves learning new things -- especially about the natural world.

Course #: LL15-6
Date: January 20
Time: Wednesday, Noon-1:00p
Presenter: Kim Johnsen
Location: William Reif Gallery
Regular Fee: $15
Members' Fee: $10
Register by January 19 Registration Policy

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Genealogy 101
Genealogy is so much more than names and dates. While those are the building blocks, genealogy comes to life when dry facts are combined with gathering and preserving your family stories and photographs. Recording your own stories is important, too. Learn about forms, websites, and interview prompts, plus a few ideas for family history projects.

Marsha Cowen Hosfeld is the past president of the Winnebago and Boone Counties Genealogical Society. She has been working on her family tree for over ten years. Her other hobby, photography, has come in handy in working on, sharing, and preserving her family history. She hopes to "infect" you with the genealogy bug!

Course #: LL15-7
Date: February 3
Time: Wednesday, Noon-1:00p
Presenter: Marsha Cowen Hosfeld
Location: William Reif Gallery
Regular Fee: $15
Members' Fee: $10
Register by February 2 Registration Policy

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Myofascial Release
John F. Barnes Myofascial Release is utilized for people with chronic pain who have not received relief from traditional massage or physical therapy. It also addresses problems that have not responded to previous surgeries and medications. Myofascial Release is a whole-body, highly specialized, hands-on technique for the evaluation and treatment of the human body, bringing lasting changes. The goal is to eliminate fascial (connective tissue) restrictions and return you to a pain-free, active lifestyle.

Brynwood Myofascial Therapy is co-owned by Marla Monge, LMT, NCTMB, and Gosia Zasadny, PT. Marla and Gosia are John F. Barnes Expert MFR Practitioners and both have completed a 40-hour Clinical Internship at the Sedona, AZ Myofascial Release Therapy Center, Therapy on the Rocks, with John F. Barnes. Marla is a member of the ABMP (Associated Bodywork & Massage Therapy Professionals) and Gosia is a member of the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association).

Course #: LL15-8
Date: February 17
Time: Wednesday, Noon-1:00p
Presenters: Marla Monge and Gosia Zasadny
Location: William Reif Gallery
Regular Fee: $15
Members' Fee: $10
Register by February 16 Registration Policy

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The Feminine Face of God
The Divine Feminine has been part of our world from the beginning. Evidence of female deities goes as far back as the Paleolithic era (30,000 BCE). She was the supreme deity in Western cultures for thousands of years until the nomadic “sky god” cultures invaded her domain. Her subjugation to these male oriented societies is found in the literature of Egypt, the Middle East, and Greece. We can still find her hidden in symbols, sacred geometry, cave carvings, mythology, and fairy tales. Ruth and Jan will take you on a journey through the history of the Divine Feminine in her many forms from the distant past when She reigned supreme, through the “sky god” era of male dominance and female submission, to the present day recognition of Her place in history. Along the way they will show you the clues gleaned from ancient writings and symbols that tell the hidden stories of her survival through the millennia.

Ruth Ora Jackson, MS, ND, CNHP, has a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and offers psychological and health counseling in her private practice. A member of Womanspace for over 25 years, Ruth has been president of the board and received the Womanspirit Founders Award.

Jan Heuer has a Master's degree in theater from NIU and was a teacher and consultant for RPS205's Gifted & Talented program for 31 years. Jan volunteers her time and energy at a number of organizations within Rockford including Womanspace.

Course #: LL15-9
Date: March 2
Time: Wednesday, Noon-1:00p
Presenters: Ruth Ora Jackson and Jan Heuer
Location: William Reif Gallery
Regular Fee: $15
Members' Fee: $10
Register by March 1 Registration Policy

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Bracelets for Birds
Sand Bluff Bird Observatory, located in Northern Illinois, is an all-volunteer bird banding station that has trapped, banded and released over 350,000 birds since 1967. After showing his documentary Bracelets for Birds, filmmaker Charles Johannsen, will lead a discussion about the fascinating process involved in banding birds during their annual spring migration through our area. Discover what has been gleaned from almost fifty years of gathering information including changes in bird populations and some of the tough issues facing birds today.

Charles Johannsen, local filmmaker and environmentalist, has created promotional videos for Severson Dells Nature Center, Rockford Park District and Winnebago County Forest Preserve. In addition, he has created documentary films including Aldo Leopold at Faville Grove about the beginnings of prairie preservation and ecological restoration, and Bracelets for Birds.

Course #: LL15-10
Date: March 16
Time: Wednesday, Noon-1:00p
Presenter: Charles Johannsen
Location: William Reif Gallery
Regular Fee: $15
Members' Fee: $10
Register by March 15 Registration Policy

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What’s Bugging You? DIY Pest Control
Ants, house crickets, cockroaches and spiders are the biggest bug problems in the Rock River Valley but not the only ones. Box Elder bugs, Cluster flies, Carpenter ants and others thrive in our area as well. Come and learn which ones are harmless and which ones can cause major structural damage to your home. In addition, you will find out what you can do yourself to control pests and when you need to call an expert.

Chris started in pest control in 1978. She worked for a local company for 27 years before becoming her own boss in 2005 when she created Bug Lady Pest Control. Chris has been voted #1 Pest Control Company two years in a row. Her other passions are working with local vets and rescue organizations to help unwanted animals find homes.

Course #: LL15-11
Date: April 6
Time: Wednesday, Noon-1:00p
Presenter: Chris Mei aka The Bug Lady
Location: William Reif Gallery
Regular Fee: $15
Members' Fee: $10
Register by April 5 Registration Policy


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