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Fall Your Guide


The Natural World Exhibition
Sept. 30–Nov. 13

Pen & Ink Drawing
Begins Oct. 24, 1:00p

Supper & Film:
Finding Vivian Maier

Oct. 24, 6:00–9:00p

Lunch & Learn:
Patient Empowerment

Oct. 25, Noon–1:00p

Pencil Drawing
Begins Oct. 25, 1:00p

Hatha Vinyasa/ Restorative Yoga
Oct. 27, 9:30–10:45a

Rockford's Dark History
Oct. 27, 6:00–8:00p

Therapeutic Yoga
Oct. 28, 10:00–11:00a

Wearable Works
of Art in Clay

Begins Nov. 1, 10:00a

Beginning Wheel Thrown Pottery
Begins Nov. 1, 6:00p

Collage Creations
Begins Nov. 2, 1:00p

Intermediate Wheel Thrown Pottery
Begins Nov. 2, 6:30p

Paint & Fabric Art
Begins Nov. 3, 6:00p

Retreat: A Day of Silence & Journaling
Nov. 5, 10:00a–5:00p


Calendar of Events



Rockford Womanspace

A mid-day opportunity for you to take a little “time-out” for food and conversation. Bring a sack lunch; Womanspace will supply beverages and the speaker. Lunch & Learn programs are sponsored by:

Slaga Law Sandra Slaga Slaga Law Slaga Law


Patient Empowerment | Big-Hearted Change |
Let's Get Our Crone On!


Patient Empowerment: How to Search Medical Literature
Are you or someone else living with a serious illness, such as cancer, or the chronic health issues of survivorship? Do you want to be more proactive in returning to or maintaining good health? Do you want to have more informed discussions with your doctor? Knowledge is power. By becoming more knowledgeable about your condition, you will be better able to ask pertinent questions, seek the best healthcare, pursue the latest treatments, and find ongoing support communities. In this session, you will learn how to empower yourself through a medical literature search in the database PubMed and via the Internet. You will learn how to obtain free copies of articles hosted on paid subscription sites. The instructors will share examples of how they applied research skills to their mutual journey as caregiver and cancer patient. They will discuss credible sources, how to read and understand a study, and how to locate medical experts and treatments. While the focus of this talk is cancer care, the skills can be applied to any major illness or chronic condition.

For 14 years, Dr. Schnetker (Ted) has taught a graduate level course on understanding research results called Information Literacy. During his time as caregiver to a cancer patient, he applied his research skills to finding the most knowledgeable specialists and best treatments available.

Valerie Gibbons, M.S. Ed., has taught writing and research skills to college students and edited two doctoral dissertations. Being informed by medical research has helped her navigate acute myeloid leukemia and chronic health conditions resulting from a stem cell transplant for the past decade.

Course #: LL16-4
Date: October 26
Time: Wednesday, Noon-1:00p
Presenters: Ted Schnetker, Ph.D. and Valerie Gibbons, M.S.Ed.
Location: William Reif Gallery
Regular Fee: $15
Members' Fee: $10
Register by 10/25. Registration Policy

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Participant's Name & Phone


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Big-Hearted Change
The world is going through unprecedented transformation with two motivating forces for change. One is fear. The other is love. Fear takes us further into bondage. Love sets us free. This is true whether we are making decisions for ourselves or as a collective for the greater good. In 2012, Marcia was given an inspired approach to change that is grounded in love. After working with it for several years, she was guided to document this approach in book form for individuals, families, companies and communities whose desire is to facilitate change that promotes the highest outcome for all involved. Marcia will present this powerful, yet simple, love-based system of change that is offered in her latest book 4 Essential Steps of Big-Hearted Change for Our New World Rising, now available at Womanspace.

Marcia (Phillips) West, founder of Bridges of Unity, is the author of Seven Portals To Your Soul and Big-Hearted Change. A visionary and mystic by nature and former teacher, engineer and bodyworker by trade and education, Marcia translates inspired concepts of love-based systems of unity into simple and practical tools for everyday life. She is a speaker, workshop facilitator, and mentor.

Course #: LL16-5
Date: November 2
Time: Wednesday, Noon-1:00p
Presenter: Marcia (Phillips) West
Location: William Reif Gallery
Regular Fee: $15
Members' Fee: $10
Register by 11/1. Registration Policy

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Let's Get Our Crone On!
Ruth and Jan return to guide us through the history of the Divine Feminine. Enjoy a brief description of the Maiden, Mother and Crone through history with an emphasis on the Crone archetype and its distortion over the years. Discover how our lives today been shaped by “innocent” myths and fairy tales. Learn to embrace your Crone with dignity and humor.

Ruth Ora Jackson, MS, ND, CNHP, has a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and offers psychological and health counseling in her private practice. A member of Womanspace for over 25 years, Ruth has been president of the board and received the Womanspirit Founder’s Award.

Jan Heuer has a Master's degree in theater from NIU and was a teacher and consultant for RPS205's Gifted & Talented program for 31 years. Jan volunteers her time and energy at a number of organizations within Rockford including Womanspace.

Course #: LL16-6
Date: November 16
Time: Wednesday, Noon-1:00p
Presenters: Ruth Ora Jackson & Jan Heuer
Location: William Reif Gallery
Regular Fee: $15
Members' Fee: $10
Register by 11/15. Registration Policy

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Participant's Name & Phone


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