• Thu, June 01, 2017
    • 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Anderson Gardens, 318 Spring Creek Road
    • 13

    Join us for a complete tour of the gardens as Jan teaches us: What are the basic elements that make a Japanese Garden? How are they put together in a seamless vista? What kind of plants are used? What kind of decorative elements are used in the gardens such as gazebos and gates? Join us as we learn ideas for designing our own Japanese garden or adding Japanese elements to our existing garden. Even if you do not have a garden you will gain a new appreciation for the intense work that goes into a beautiful, natural-looking Japanese Garden. After the tour, guests are welcome to continue enjoying the gardens at their leisure.

    Facilitator: Jan Heuer

    • Sun, June 11, 2017
    • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • William Reif Gallery
    • 14

    We all have Angels and Guides but what is the difference between one and the other and how do we talk with them reliably? How do you filter negative or mischievous entities? Learn from a professional medium what she has learned from her Guides and Angels. this two hour talk will support you in connecting with your Angels and Guides and help you identify them by name.

    Facilitator: Robin White Turtle Lysne, PhD

    • Tue, June 13, 2017
    • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    • Womanspace Media Room
    • 11

    Tuesdays, June 13, 27

    9:00 - 10:00am

    Facilitator: Shiraz Tata, PhD

    Meditation is the practice and process of paying attention and focusing your awareness. Whether you are seeking greater focus, less stress and more peace of mind, or a deeper appreciation of the beauty and richness of life, the simple practice of sitting down and turning your attention inward can do wonders! This is a beginning class where different forms of meditation are introduced and practiced in a seated position. Bring a yoga mat or rug if you would like to do this lying down.

    • Wed, June 14, 2017
    • 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
    • William Reif Gallery

    My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout

    Dealing with small-town women, who are always more complicated than they seem and often less likable than many contemporary heroines, Strout tells the story of a thirty-something wife and mother who is in the hospital for longer than she expected, recovering from an operation. She’s not dying, but her situation is serious enough that her mother--whom she has not seen in many years--arrives at her bedside. The two begin to talk. Their style is undramatic, gentle--just the simple unspooling of memories between women not generally given to sharing them and an accumulation of detail and repetitive themes of longing and lifelong missed connections. 

    • Thu, June 15, 2017
    • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    • Womanspace Media Room
    • 15

    Thursdays, June 15, 22, 29

    with Marsha Hosfeld

    Being a family tree ‘detective’ has both technical and creative aspects.  We’ll discuss the typical resources and creative ways to use them, as well as problem-solving techniques when primary sources aren’t available. Learn how census forms can reveal surprising information. Understand how to research immigration and naturalization records. Each class will include time to discuss and work on your tree. Bring your laptop if you have one.  Forms and source lists will be provided.  

    Register by 6/13

    • Thu, June 15, 2017
    • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Womanspace Labyrinth

    Wednesday, June 15

    Facilitator:  Dr. Jennifer Rea

    Who is that man behind the curtain? Is it the Wizard? or simply a man? Come and discuss the life of L. Frank Baum and his magical, mystical, and very political young adult novels beginning with "The Wizard of Oz".  This lecture will talk about the man and his work, including the fourteen Oz novels written around the turn of the twentieth century.  We will also delve into the historical context, the political critique, and the amazingly creative world of the Land of Oz.  As Americans the "The Wizard of Oz" is an important part of our popular culture and mythology, and we will explore the reasons behind our love of Baum and his world. Participants will get a sneak preview of this year’s signature beverages to be unveiled at Passport to the Arts

    Register by:  June 13

    • Sun, June 18, 2017
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Womanspace
    • 16

    Sundays, June 18, 25, July 9, 16*
    No class on July 2

    Location: Anjali Pavilion

    Facilitator: Helen Bond

    Helen will share with everyone the great joy of traditional hand drumming from Guinea, West Africa. Come be a part of this joyful group where we come together as a small village and enjoy the uplifting beauty of the traditional hand drumming ensemble. You will learn basic rhythms on dunun drums and the djembe accompaniment parts. You’ll also learn the origins of each rhythm, receive expert instruction on all instruments in the traditional djembe orchestra and deepen your understanding of the place of music, dance and song in West African life. Helen is able to work simultaneously with students of all levels - beginner to professional. All levels are welcome!

    Drums provided. Please bring your own if you have one.

    Register by June 14.

    • Wed, June 21, 2017
    • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • Back Lawn

    Wednesday, June 21

    11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

    Facilitator:  Keri Knutson

    To celebrate with the rest of the world on International Yoga Day,  Womanspace yoga instructor, Keri Knutson, will lead a free yoga session on the back lawn of Womanspace. This event is free and includes a complimentary T-shirt to those who pre-register by June 7. Just bring yourself and your yoga mat! 

    "Yoga embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between human and nature; a holistic approach to heal and well-being.  It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature." - Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

    Freewill Offering

    Get event updates and tell your friends you're going on Facebook!

    • Wed, June 21, 2017
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Womanspace Media Room
    • 12

    Wednesdays, June 21, 28, July 12, 19, 26, August 2


    Facilitator:  Debby Gaines

     Every woman has a story to tell.  This class is based on turning autobiographical material into original writing.  Come explore ways to access not only your mind's memories, but also your body's sensations and spirit's connections to your story.  In addition to writing, we will walk the labyrinth, move our bodies, sketch our stories, and strengthen our community.

    Register by 6/19

    • Wed, June 21, 2017
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Womanspace Labyrinth

    Saturday, June 21

    Facilitator:  Debby Gaines and Susan Lee

    Join us at the Labyrinth with drums, shakers, percussions and dancing feet. We will celebrate the longest day of the year with readings, drumming and movement. Everyone is welcome to drum, hoola hoop, dance, walk or just sit back and enjoy the rhythm as we drum the sun down. 

    Freewill Offering

    Register by:  June 21

    • Thu, June 29, 2017
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Womanspace -- Media Room
    • 3

    Thursday, June 29

    7:00 - 9:00pm

    Facilitator: Melody Pearson

    Is your significant other always asking you to rub her/his feet? Are you willing but not sure how to make it a pleasant experience? This relaxing, fun evening will teach both of you how to touch and relax feet while also learning some ways to help each other with common physical concerns. Bring your feet, your special person, and be willing to relax and enjoy. Everything else will be provided.

    Register By:  7/27

    • Tue, July 11, 2017
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Womanspace -- William Reif Gallery
    • 8

    Tuesday, July 11

    6:30 - 8:30pm

    Facilitator: Jean Kathryn Carlson


    Each cell of our physical body is brimming with intelligence and wisdom. Physical symptoms and negative emotions are one of the ways this intelligence communicates with us by creating disruptions in our energy system. With EFT (Energy Field Tapping) we can tap directly on energy meridians and get the energy flowing again. When energy flows we feel more at ease and get to enjoy a greater sense of relaxation. It’s easy! All it takes is curiosity, fingers and a body! This introduction into the amazingly simple and effective world of tapping will empower you to continue tapping ANYWHERE!

    Register By: July 10

    • Wed, July 12, 2017
    • 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
    • William Reif Gallery

    The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

    With courage, grace and powerful insight, bestselling author Kristin Hannah captures the epic panorama of WWII and illuminates an intimate part of history seldom seen: the women's war. The Nightingale tells the stories of two sisters, separated by years and experience, by ideals, passion and circumstance, each embarking on her own dangerous path toward survival, love, and freedom in German-occupied, war-torn France—in a novel that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the durability of women. 

    • Thu, July 13, 2017
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Womanspace -- William Reif Gallery
    • 30

    Thursday, April 20

    6:30 - 8:30pm

    Facilitator: Jean Kathryn Carlson

    What if last night's weird dream came with profound information for you to use today?

    Join us and see if it's true for you! Through a unique blend of projective DreamPlay and EFT or Tapping, we will enter the land of nocturnal dreams where the magic mirror never lies. Access the wisdom of the invisible realm and light your way to greater peace and pleasure in all areas of your life. Everyone welcome. Bring your curiosity and enjoy!

    Register By: July 12

    • Fri, July 14, 2017
    • 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
    • Womanspace -- Media Room
    • 6

    Friday, July 14

    9:00am - 4:30pm

    Facilitator: Debby Gaines

    Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning 'Universal Life Force Energy' and describes the energy found in all of life.  An ancient form of hands on energy healing, Reiki is a skill obtained through an attunement (opening) to bring the power of Universal Life Force Energy through the human chakra system.  The energy then is used to balance the body or an object by bringing it into harmony with the universe once again.

    In Reiki One, you will learn the hand positions for self-healing and for the healing treatment of others.  We will talk about the seven major chakras and the history of the Usui System of Natural Healing.  You will receive your first attunement. We will also have time to practice feeling energy and giving Reiki to each other.

    Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing, with no jewelry or perfumes. Bring a sack lunch.

    Register By:  July 7

    • Sat, July 15, 2017
    • 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
    • Womanspace -- Media Room
    • 6

    Saturday, July 15

    9:00am - 4:30pm

    Facilitator: Debby Gaines

    Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning 'Universal Life Force Energy' and describes the energy found in all of life.  An ancient form of hands on energy healing, Reiki is a skill obtained through an attunement (opening) to bring the power of Universal Life Force Energy through the human chakra system.  The energy then is used to balance the body or an object by bringing it into harmony with the universe once again.

    In Reiki Two, you will learn symbols and mantras to focus and deepen the healing treatment of the Reiki energy. We will talk about the sacredness of the Reiki symbols. We will also begin to learn ways to send Reiki through time and distance, allowing healing in the past to improve the present. Time will be allotted to practice feeling energy and giving Reiki to each other.  

    Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing, with no jewelry or perfumes. Bring a sack lunch.

    Register By:  July 7

    • Sat, July 22, 2017
    • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • Womanspace -- Media Room
    • 8

    Saturday, July 22

    1:00 - 4:00pm

    Facilitator: Beth Campisi

    Chakras are vital energy pathways that connect us to the cycles and rhythms of the Earth, to all aspects of ourselves and to the cosmic pulse of Creation. Awaken each of your chakra centers through the transformative power of freestyle movement and spontaneous expression of the physical body. When we open the flow of our physical being, all other pathways open!  Wear loose fitting clothing and bring a mat.

    Register by: 7/21

    • Wed, August 09, 2017
    • 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
    • William Reif Gallery

    My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry 
    by Fredrik Backman

    Elsa is seven years old and different. Her grandmother is seventy-seven years old and crazy—as in standing-on-the-balcony-firing-paintball-guns-at-strangers crazy. She is also Elsa’s best, and only, friend. At night Elsa takes refuge in her grandmother’s stories, in the Land-of-Almost-Awake and the Kingdom of Miamas, where everybody is different and nobody needs to be normal. When Elsa’s grandmother dies and leaves behind a series of letters apologizing to people she has wronged, Elsa’s greatest adventure begins. Her grandmother’s instructions lead her to an apartment building full of drunks, monsters, attack dogs, and old crones but also to the truth about fairy tales and kingdoms and a grandmother like no other. 

    • Sat, August 19, 2017
    • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Anjali Pavilion

    Saturday,  August 19

    FacilitatorJimmie Getter

    Great for moms and daughters, ages 8-70.  Develop awareness and confidence by learning easy techniques to use to defend yourself in times of distress.  The skills you learn can help protect against bullies, abductions, and others who may want to harm you.  The final class is simulation of abduction scenarios.  You will get to use all your moves on a police officer in protective gear!  

    Register by:  August 17

Past events

Thu, May 18, 2017 Film & Discussion: I Know a Woman Like That (WK16-30)
Wed, May 10, 2017 Bookwoman: The Japanese Lover (BW16-8)
Tue, May 09, 2017 Meditation as Wellness Practice I (MD16-6)
Sat, May 06, 2017 World Labyrinth Day
Thu, April 27, 2017 Film & Discussion: Gasland (WK16-25) CANCELLED
Fri, April 21, 2017 Reiki One (HLT16-14)
Thu, April 20, 2017 Dream Alchemy Salon (HLT16-13)
Tue, April 18, 2017 Tapping Circle (HLT16-12)
Tue, April 18, 2017 Opening the Upper Chakras (HLT16-11)
Wed, April 12, 2017 Bookwoman: Just Mercy – A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson (2015)(BW16-7)
Tue, April 11, 2017 Meditation as Wellness Practice (MD16-5)
Sat, April 01, 2017 Chakra Rhythms -- A Discovery of Chakras Through Movement (HLT16-10)
Thu, March 30, 2017 Women in the Wild -- How to Plan for a Night in the Woods (WK16-24)
Sat, March 25, 2017 Spring Equinox Celebration (RT16-5)
Tue, March 21, 2017 Opening the Lower Chakras (HLT16-9)
Fri, March 17, 2017 Journey to Inner Freedom: A Journaling Experience in Writing from the Quiet Center (RT16-4)
Tue, March 14, 2017 Meditation as Wellness Practice (MD16-4)
Thu, March 09, 2017 Sex Trafficking 101 (WK16-23)
Tue, March 07, 2017 Intro to the Chakras (HLT16-8)
Wed, March 01, 2017 Science of Stress (HLT16-7)
Tue, February 28, 2017 India -- A Personal Perspective (WK16-22)
Sun, February 19, 2017 Drumming Workshop with Helen Bond (WK16-17)
Thu, February 16, 2017 Honey, Will You Rub My Feet? (HLT16-6)
Wed, February 15, 2017 Continuing the [Legal] Conversation (WK16-21)
Tue, February 14, 2017 Meditation as Wellness Practice (MD16-3)
Thu, February 09, 2017 Vagina Monologues (SE16-2)
Thu, February 09, 2017 Genealogy Resources for Growing Your Tree (WK16-20)
Wed, February 08, 2017 Bookwoman: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro (2006)(BW16-5)
Thu, January 26, 2017 Magical Mysteries of Mundane Work (WK16-19)
Wed, January 25, 2017 Creating Stories and Sharing Lives: A Community Based Writing Class (WRT16-2)
Wed, January 18, 2017 Financial Wellness for Women (WK16-18)
Wed, January 11, 2017 Bookwoman:LaRose by Louise Erdich (2016) (BW16-4)
Tue, January 10, 2017 Meditation as Wellness Practice (MD16-2)
Tue, December 13, 2016 Lunch & Film: Lovely Still (SF16-4)
Tue, December 13, 2016 Meditation as Wellness Practice (MD16-1)

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