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Lunch & Learns

    • Wed, April 24, 2019
    • 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
    • William Reif Gallery
    Cancelled: Class to be rescheduled in the fall!  Wednesday, April 24


    Facilitator:  Beth Campisi

    Currently in today's society, many are looking for complementary and alternative therapies. Reasons include an increased desire to participate in their own self-care, concerns regarding side effects of medications and dissatisfaction with conventional medical care. The modalities most often chosen are chiropractic and massage therapy. Today massage therapy is an accepted part of mainstream health and is recognized as extremely therapeutic in a myriad of settings. 

    Research shows that massage is beneficial in reducing symptoms associated with arthritis, high blood pressure and premenstrual syndrome. Oncology patients show less anxiety, fatigue, and pain following massage therapy. Fibromyalgia patients receiving massage have less anxiety, pain and stiffness. Massage is effective in reducing post-surgical pain and reducing recovery times. Alzheimer's patients exhibit reduced restlessness and irritability after massage therapy. 

    For many, massage is a delightful treat they allow themselves for a birthday or other special occasion. However, if you or a loved one are dealing with an acute or chronic health condition, massage is an even more important therapeutic component of your healthcare regimen.

    You are welcome to bring your lunch. Advanced registration is preferred. Walk-ins are welcome.

    • Wed, May 01, 2019
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • William Reif Gallery
    Wednesday, May 1


    Facilitator:  Mica Cascarano Berg

    Have you ever pondered that you may have lived "before"? Join us on May Day for “Lunch and Learn" with a focus on Past Life Regression, a healing modality that provides access to the subconscious to assist with a variety of aspects. Visiting Rockford native, Michele (Mica) Cascarano Berg MS, CH, CLC, will share how this experience, which she will facilitate at Womanspace on Saturday, May 11th, may be beneficial for you or someone you may know. (Some of the possible benefits include releasing fears, phobias, and emotional blocks, alleviating physical issues and challenges, connecting with loved ones and spirit guides, receiving insights about your relationships and life purpose or enhancing skills and talents.) Mica has been discovering past lives since she was three and is a certified hypnotist trained by one of the world’s most renown experts in past life therapy, Dr. Brian Weiss, author of "Many Lives, Many Masters.”

    You are welcome to bring your lunch. Advanced registration is preferred. Walk-ins are welcome.

    • Tue, June 11, 2019
    • 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
    • William Reif Gallery

    Tuesday, June 11th


    Facilitator:  Gina Wise

    Learn the simple art of making kefir, a tangy and nutritious fermented dairy drink.  Also, how to make quark.  A fresh soft artisan cheese made by straining the kefir to separate the whey.  Quark is an essential part of the Budwig protocol.  Dr Johanna Budwig (1908-2003) was a biochemist who developed a natural cure for cancer by combining the sulfur rich amino acids found in quark cheese with the omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed oil in a 2:1 ratio.  This Budwig mixture is garnished with ground flax seeds, fresh fruit and nuts.  The Budwig protocol is a natural whole food diet and holistic lifestyle approach to improve cancer, heart disease, arthritis and other health issues.  Dr Budwig was nominated six times for the Nobel Prize in medicine and has written 12 books.

    You will receive everything you need to start making kefir (a jar with fresh kefir and kefir grains), instructions for making kefir and quark.  BONUSOn Hand Demonstration!  Learn how to make and sample the Budwig mixture for yourself.  All ingredients will be provided.  Also, an introductory handout on The Budwig Protocol.

    Kefir grains are limited so please register early

    • Wed, June 12, 2019
    • 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
    • William Reif Gallery
    Wednesday, June 12th


    Facilitator:  Sonia Nelson & Conrad Iandola

    Come find out how Sonia and Conrad Landola got into raising grassfed beef (especially Sonia, a former committed vegetarian,) the nutritional and environmental benefits of grassfed beef, why they truly believe that their product is superior to much supermarket grassfed beef, and how their operation has evolved over its 12 year lifespan.

    You are welcome to bring your lunch. Advanced registration is preferred. Walk-ins are welcome.

    • Wed, July 31, 2019
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • William Reif Gallery
    • 15

    Wednesday, July 31st


    Facilitator: Kate Downing

    It's a fact: women face different financial concerns than men. Even though most women worry that they'll run out of money in retirement, many do not feel confident enough to seek advice for their finances. When you plan for financial future and address your concerns, you reduce stress for yourself and for your family members. We want to help you move through life's transitions feeling financially secure and stable, so we'll walk through those concerns and and more. We’ll have ample time for a Q&A session, so please bring your questions. Feel free to bring a sack lunch!

    Register by 7/30

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